Monday, June 13, 2011

The Statement on my labels.......

While I appreciate all of the support from everyone, I am setting the record straight: I am a heterosexual woman, who happened to have been born with a birth defect resulting in multiple terms to describe my condition including intersex, a transsexual medical condition, that has been treated and corrected, which all fall under the blanket term "transgender" category. While that term covers a lot of other issues not related to mine it does also cover and is used my diagnosis'. Misunderstanding the facts, may lead to the assassination of my marriage and rights in Texas as well as affect many others around the country. My birth defect is a medical condition, and has nothing to do with “gender and lifestyles”. Not only do I have to deal with bigots and the media misrepresenting me, I have to deal with equality issues & politics. So I decided to make this statement so there is no longer any confusion on my medical history. If you respect and support me and my rights, please know that this is MY reality. My late husband, family, friends, scientists and doctors will testify that I am a woman born with a birth defect that was surgically fixed.
Hugs and Love and Equality for all,

Nikki Araguz

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